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Aikidoka, dreamer, seeker, general purpose geek
21 June 1979
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You can't step in the same river twice. Carried by the current, learning to swim, beginning to hold my head up and look around.

I am a librarian in an all-online library. My expertise is developing along the lines of copyright, reference, and information literacy. I am toying with the incredibly alluring idea of becoming an instructional designer as well. That would make me a "blended librarian." Currently I am only a blended librarian when I drink on my work-from-home days.

I am a historian, and my specialty is U.S. slavery and abolitionism. In general, it's "the ways people use power, abuse power, resist power, subvert power, find power of their own." I am a bit invested (obsessive) in this family of topics because I was a bullying victim for many years.

My prevailing, driving fantasy is to have a homestead and a lot of time to myself with my land, my cats, my research and writing, and my partner.
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